Ciabatta Rolls


SO GOOD!!  Thanks to our blog reader who whats to remain anonymous for suggesting this for our last recipe.   I scoured the web for a recipe I liked and lucked out with this one.  After reading reviews on it was sure it would be a winner and it is!!  I adapted and doubledthe recipe but you can find the original recipe by following this link…

Use stand mixer with stainless bowl and roller
Makes about 3 dozen rolls
(dough needs to rest so allow better part of day or overnight to prepare and bake)

This recipe requires preparing  a biga (which creates a mild sourdough taste)
8 oz water
1 tsp active yeast
10 oz all purpose flour
In a smaller bowl dissolve the yeast in water. Pour this into the stainless bowl and whip at medium speed for about a minute to get the gluten going.  Scrape this into a smaller container and let sit for at least 8 hrs or overnight on the counter.  I covered mine loosely. After the time is up you will notice bubbles and it will have become almost runny.

Ciabatta Ingredients:
34 oz water (fairly warm but not hot)
2 tsp yeast
40 oz all purpose flour
4 tsp kosher salt.
Pour the water into the stainless bowl and add the yeast and yes,m you will see here I measured my ingredients for this with a scale, which I admit I usually don’t do..  Once dissolved add the Biga, this will be gooey and hard to break up.   Turn up the  speed a but and with the attached spatula mush it around a bit till broken down.   Add the flour and salt.  This will create a really wet, sticky dough. but that is what you want. You ca see in the pictures the difference from starting the knead till the end how nice it shapes up.  Allow this to sit for about 20 minutes.  After that time I set the timer to 12 minutes and allowed it to knead with the speed at about 4 o’clock.  While checking it occasionally you will see it go from that soft mush to a nice really smooth shiny dough.  After time is up, cover again and allow to sit for about 2-3 hrs till tripled in size.

At this time being very gentle with your dough, slide it onto parchment paper and divide it into half, half again and again till you have 32 rolls. Place these on a parchment lined pan. I used the spatula you get with the mixer for this.  I warn you here this is a really soft delicate dough to work with but with gentle handling the rolls will be so delish!!  I made most of mine quite small but left a few larger to try with burgers.  Allow to rise again till double, about 35 minutes. They will look like fluffy little pillows.
Place these in a preheated oven and slide parchment onto a baking stone or leave  on the pan.  I love baking on my stone whenever doing anything but a sandwich loaf style bread. Bake for 20 minutes or till puffed and golden.  Cool before eating.  These froze well and we a great treat with the homemade burgers from a recipe a few weeks ago.

A bit more work that regular buns but what a delicious change.  Definitely a recipe I will use again.   Thanks for the idea Sherry in BC!!

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