Mockmills are the Newest Addition to Jalyns Line of Products

mockmill in field                      Let the Mockmill bring fresh milled grain from the field to your table.

I am happy to announce that as of April 1, 2016 Jalyns Market is the Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Mockmills. Designed by world renowned mill designer Wolfgang Mock.  After more than 30 yrs. in the Mill business he introduced this little Gem to North America with rave reviews at Housewares 2016.  The Mockmill is a great little mill if you already own a Kitchen Aid mixer and want a high quality mill for small amounts of grinding.  It attaches to the front hub of your Mixer as other attachments do.  Comes with a 2 yr. warranty and full service in Canada for parts and repairs if needed. I have had a fun trying out this mill a few times to grind flour and bake a few batches of bread and muffins, the results were beautiful. For more information check out the manufacturers website at

Mock Mill with Joannes mixer       Mockmill with KA opened
Grinding directly into the bowl.                           Made with Corundum grinding stones.

Only a few Canadian Retailers are now carrying the product but more are coming on board each day.  If you can’t find one near you, contact us and we will head you to the nearest location. Reach us at or call  1 306 231-7784.

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