Not Just A Bread Mixer

Every now and then I receive an email asking: What can I all do with my Assistent?     Many feel it is a bread mixer, yes it makes beautiful bread but it does so much more. I put it to the test for our customers last Saturday, I set out to use all the attachments and here are the results.  Bread …Bagels…Chocolate Cake…Frosting… Meringues…Shortbread Cookies…Juice…Smoothies.. Ground Beef…Meatballs…Tomatoe Sauce…Pasta Dough…Fettuccine…Ground Flour…Rolled Oats…sliced and diced onions, mushrooms, peppers and carrots.   Quite simply the answer is in your recipe book. If you need to mix, blend whip, grate, grind or squeeze it.  The Assistent will do it. The Basic Assistent Package has everything you need to make the bread, bagels, cake, frosting, meringues and shortbread cookies.  Add on other attachments or upgrading to the Deluxe package will make most of these delights an easy part of your day as well.  Get what you want most now and make a wish list for later.  Remember all attachments fit all models old and new.  See what you can do with your Ankarsrum Assistent today……….

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