Its been one busy exciting year as last year this time I was anxiously waiting at the Saskatoon airport for the arrival of Linus our Rep from Sweden to arrive, little did I know what the year ahead would be.  It has been an exciting, learning, successful year to say the least.  From the excitement of signing up our first Retailer, Kitchenzetc. in Saskatoon within hours of Linus’arrival to travelling throughout Ontario last summer.  During those travels I met Kearney at Oderin in Kingston, and today we announce their joining the Assistent team.  Seems fitting to add a Retailer same time this year. Every Retailer from the first is exciting.  We have slowly spread our mixers across Canada with Retailers from Vancouver to now Kingston and many locations between.  Mixers have been shipped from small Islands off the coast of Vancouver Island to a small village on the shores of Newfoundland. So we can say Assistents are found CANADA WIDE. As we enter year two with excitement and anticipation of what is yet to come I would like to thank all who have been helping us get Jalyns off the ground. My wonderful family, Linus and the great gang in Ankarsrum, Sweden.  Our fantastic Retailers and most importantly the wonderful customers who have purchased Assistents.  The great comments and feedback you email to me just motivate me to do even more.   I am amazed again and again what I can all do with my Assistent and to hear the great stories from customers experiences just has me in the kitchen trying even more.  I believe without any doubt the Assistent is the best mixer you can buy.  It is so easy to work hard and promote something this wonderful.  Each day is a new adventure and I love it.  Thanks everyone for a successful year…. Lynn

PS: As an Anniversary gift to our customers. Anyone reading this blog who would like to purchase an Assistent please email your name, address and the location of Canadian Retailer you would like to purchase an Assistent to receive a credit note for $50.00 off the retail price of an Assistent Mixer.  This offer is valid till midnight Nov. 30th, 2011.

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