20170205_172312_001_resizedAs mentioned earlier we are going to test out all those accessories this year and our first is the Vegetable Slicer.   With the various blades and shredding attachments you can do almost anything from slicing apples to shredding cheese to grating potatoes. But I must admit Sauerkraut in January was a first for me….I have made sauerkraut almost every fall but never before in January!!  Had a head of cabbage in fridge and thought would love home made sauerkraut so thought why not???  I usually use my own home grown but this store bought stuff worked great too, only was slightly drier than garden fresh but still tastes delish.

Accessories:  Mixer with Vegetable Slicer with slicing attachment (shredding disk was to fine)
Quantity: 3 quarts


  • Large head of cabbage
  • 3 tbsp pickling slat
  • 3 tsp sugar
  • Hot water

Shred the cabbage and stuff firmly into 3 quart sealers.  Place a tablespoon of the salt and a tsp of sugar on top of each jar.  Then cover with hot water.  I slide a knife down the side to ensure all air is out.  Seal the jars and place in a dish or pan with a towel or newspaper placed beneath jars.  Cover and allow a few weeks minimum to ferment.  After about a week you will want to check as will have started to ferment and likely not smell real good…Replace the paper/ towel and allow to set for another week.  By this time the fermenting over should be done.  Best to give another couple weeks before eating to really let it sour up a bit more. Many make sauerkraut in a crock and allow to ferment, I have always made it this way, less mess and still tastes superb. As shown there are only 2 jars, could have got 3 but instead enjoys some coleslaw with the rest.

20170106_095150_resized  20170106_095838_resized  20170106_100535_resized  20170106_101150_resized20170205_170542_resized

Now to enjoy sauerkraut to be honest I love it cold straight from the jar but even better yet one of my favorite foods is Reuben Sandwich.  Take a couple slices of Rye Bread (love the Black Russian Rye Bread recipe here (use the search tool on right to find it).  Spread one slice thinly with butter, the other with a combination of 3 parts thousand Island dressing and 1 part mayonnaise.  Add a layer of sauerkraut that has simmered for a few hrs, top with a few slices of Corned Beef and a slice of Swiss Cheese.   My favourite is to toast this in a Bush Pie Maker over a campfire in the summer but this time of year grilling it in the fry pan with a little butter is great too.  To serve, top with a pickle and enjoy!!

And yes that Reuben picture is sideways….
I fought hard but tonight my computer won,  I cannot get it to turn:-)

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