The New Years brings changes to the Blog messaging..

Posted on January 02 2014

May all your wishes come true....

May all your wishes for 2014 come true…

Happy New Year everyone…As I am writing this we are dealing with windchills in the -50 mark in this part of Canada this morning and its been a cold start to the New Year for most of the country.

I haven’t been checking in here much over the last week as I was enjoying the season with family and friends.  Unfortunately I returned to find 0ver 400 posts on the Blog!  Mostly spam as my setting got adjusted, not sure what I did-:)  anyway, to avoid problems like this in the future I will be setting my antispam filters quite high and suggest if you have a comment or question about anything here or about the Ankarsrum and KoMos in general you send me an email instead at and I will answer them asap and if relevant to the topic will share with all..  Thanks and have a wonderful year.   The first recipe of 2014 will follow later today.


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