Below are several popular videos:

Here is the newest .. Ankarsrum Assistent Original  "HOMEMADE"

Below is a video we removed from our website for newer, more professional videos but due to demand and comments such those below I have brought it back to our website. Its long but hopefully you find it helpful.

"Thank you! That is without doubt the very best demonstration of how to use the Ankarsrum properly on the internet. I've just ordered one of these and was looking for halfway decent instructions. Yours is by far the best I have found so far."
"Lynn, you did a fantastic job with the explanation of the mixer. When I research for videos to help me decide on a purchase, I always look for this type of video that is not “professionally made” (by some you tubers standards) but it is honest and shows enough details and explanations to help. This video convinced me to purchase the mixer vs. the Kitchen Aid. It is by far the best video on the use of the machine and the accessories."
"Six years later and this is still the best video covering the Ankarsrum out there. Really wish Lynn had a more videos because she clearly gives the details that so many appreciate. I've been looking to replace my KA for a while since the motor is on its last leg and cannot handle more than a kilo of dough at a time and this review was enough to put me at ease with the price tag and order one. Cannot wait for it to get here. Thank you Lynn!"

Length: (35:49)


Masterclass, how to make Bread, Buns, Baguettes and Most Yeast doughs... (15:36)


How to Make Pizza.... (0:51)


How to Make Cinnamon Buns.... (1:06)


 How to Make Pasta...(1:01)

How to Make Salad...(1:23)

How to Make Cookies...(1:00)

 How to Make Ice Cream....(1:24)

 How to Make A Smoothie....(0:41)


How to Make Apple Sauce...(0:38)


 How to Make Burgers...(0:48)


A little more about us....(2:34)


Unboxing Your Mixer.....(1:08)