KoMo Mio (several units available contact us directly for purchase at info@jalyns.ca)


White (Natural) (discount units only email info@jalyns.ca for purchase)
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  • Product Description

      DISCOUNT PRICES ON SEVERAL REFURBISHED UNITS. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR PRICING AT info@jalyns.ca for more information and available colors. These were damaged by carrier in transit and have all had damaged part replaced.

      Milling grains has become more colorful.  The MIO from KoMo. Our new powerful grain mill not only puts color in your kitchen, but above all freshly ground cereals every day. And that means: Significantly more nutrients and a better taste!

      ...The KoMo Mio is a powerful 400 watts for beginners and pros
      ... a combination of solid wood and Arboblend®, an innovative recycling material. 
      ...Grind 100 g of fine flour per minute, with a coarser setting even the multiple amount
      ...as with all KoMo mills it is able to grind most dry grains such as hard and soft wheat, oats, barley,rice,kamut, quinoa, amaranth and spelt as well as chickpeas, beans and lentils as examples as well as dry non-oily spices. Not suitable products are oily seeds, poppy or sesame seeds. Herbs and popcorn also cannot be ground and will damage your stones
      ...maintenance-free and extremely powerful industrial engine
      ...innovative housing made of Arboblend® (renewable bio-plastic)and wood
      ...adjust coarseness with the twist of your wrist
      ...corundum stones provide lifelong precision
      ...optional gluten-free grinding liner (available separately)
      ...check availability on colors before ordering


      • 12 year warranty