Apples Galore

APPLES: The tree, the fruit, as sauce or juice. We all love apples!

No this is not a recipe of sorts just a never ending supply of apples at the end of a beautiful summer.  Not sure about other parts of our country but here in Saskatchewan this years apple crop was not only abundant but they are absolutely delicious;  right from the tree, pureed or juiced.  With the Assistent it is easy to make a large batch of applesauce in a very short amount of time.  Wash your apples thoroughly, just barely cover with water in a large pot and cook till they start to crack. Remove apples from water, press through strainer and… delicious applesauce, no need for any sweetener this year, maybe just a touch of cinnamon if you like.  What to do with the water…I added the leftover pulp mixture that came through the the spout, placed it back into the water and allowed it to sit overnight.  The next morning strain and enjoy this juice today or put into jars and process in a water bath. This is  a great start to that hot apple cider on a cold winter night.

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