Ankarsrum Service & Warranty

 Please register your mixer for warranty  by clicking the link here


All warranty is based on original date of purchase and only to the original purchaser. To qualify for the warranty, proof of purchase is required. An original receipt, confirmation from the retailer OR registration.

  • Within 30 days of purchase:
    All fees including shipping, parts and labour will be covered by Jalyns. Item will be repaired or replaced on a per assessment, per claim basis.
  • After 30 days: 
    All shipping and related fees to our facility will be at the customer's expense.
  1. Upon arrival at our facility we will inspect the item to ensure it is a warranty issue. If deemed a warranty issue we will repair and ship back to you at our cost.
  2. If we find there is no issue or that the issue at hand was due to improper usage, we will contact you with repair costs, etc. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer for repairs or if sent to us but is deemed a non-issue but user error.
  3. Warranty is only for home use. 7 years on the base and 1 year on all accessories.

Please contact us by email at and type WARRANTY. Copy and paste the form below into an email and send to 
If possibly please send a long a photos and a photo of your invoice to speed the turnaround time. Please ensure the address included is correct for sending parts if required.

*Date of Claim:
*Date of Purchase:

*Phone Number:  
*Serial number of Mixer:

For office use only:
Process &resolution:
Photos attached:
Invoice Attached:
Parts:          Labour:          Shipping:
Shipping details:
Close date:

Please contact us directly before shipping items.


KoMo Grain Mill and Flaker Warranty

Please contact the Canadian Distributor for all warranty and service for KoMo products at