Fresh Hot Dogs

Fresh Hot Dogs

This started with a High Mountain Hot Dog making Kit under the Christmas tree for the guys in my life and ended with a tasty  lunch of Hotdogs and sauerkraut!! No recipe here but showing another great way to use your Ankarsrum mixer, this time with the mincer attachment. Hot Dog season is just around the corner why not make you own!!


How to:

Cut up pieces of pork and beef ( we used 50 -50 pork and wild elk) into strips that will fit  down the chute. Place in a bowl and sprinkle with the spice mixture and toss together so meat varieties will be mixed a bit already. With the Ankarsrum with mincer attachment and the 8.0 mm disk run the mixer with the speed all the way open pushing through the strips of meat. Remove the mincer and now with the 2.5 mm disk  run the coarsely ground meat through again.  Now add the finest sausage horn and place the casing tube on the horn.  We actually had another time shaved down the plastic ridge on the sausage horn to make it work for narrow casing..see photo. Slide on a length of casing and then fill. Once a length is full, remove tie off end and twist.   Now we tried 2 different methods, the first we preboiled them for 20 minutes. The second we lightly smoked them in a smoker for an hr.  We preferred the second method. All the while this was being done our sauerkraut was simmering.  For the hotdog buns,  using your favorite recipe that has already risen take about the same amount of dough you do for small dinner rolls but instead of shaping them round roll then into sausage length pieces and flatten slightly, place onto parchment lined pan, allow to rise and bake at usual temp, I find shaped like this they need a bit less time to bake.

Once the hotdogs are done smoking, find a place to chill them quickly or freeze a portion of them in a single layer. To serve, put on bbq or fry in a skillet. Enjoy. We froze most of them individually and then bagged for later.

I have also make hotdogs in the past from scratch using my own spice blend and purchasing the casing from an abattoir, they were good bit this was quick, easy and they taste more like what you would purchase in a store. Though these do not have the red color we are familiar with they taste great and I  love knowing what's in them. 


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