Home Made Potatoe Chips

Home Made Potatoe Chips

Ok, not much of a recipe here but were these good!! Kindof a wow moment when bit into the first one. Add a plate of these alongside your favorite burge and that chickpea salad from a few weeks ago and you have an awesome meal that is easy to make with an Ank!!

This completes our Spring into Summer series just a few more recipes before summer break from the blog.


Ankarsrum Mixer with the slicing blade for your Vegy Slicer

Deep Fryer


  •  potatoes
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • Assorted spices and or herbs according  to taste 


Heat oil in deep fryer. While this is heating attach your slicing blade to your Ankarsrum Mixer. Scrub potatoes and cut if needed to fit into vegetable Slicer tube. With speed quite high slowly push potatoes thru until you have the desired amount ( tip..make lots, you will eat more than you think).  Gently drop a handful of slices into the hot oil. After a couple minutes stir around a bit and deep fry another minute or so till golden brown. Place on a plate lined with a paper towel or as we used paper plates and they will absorb some of the oil. Lightly season with your favorite flavor. Jist salt was great, we also tried some Smoky BBQ and Seasoned.  These were crunky and delicious after cooled but even better warm.  Definitely one of my new favorite appetizers to share with friends at the lake!!

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