Home Made Spelt Noodles


My first time using Spelt Flour and these were fun to make and the results were delicious.  I made these noodles a few weeks ago and used the first here in soup and have since made some with a little Pesto.  In a casserole and still have enough for another meal in the freeze.

Ankarsrum Mixer with: Stainless Bowl with the Dough Hook
Lasagna Roller Attachment
Fettuccine Cutter Attachment
Quantity: See the picture below.  Definitely enough for a meal of pasta for 10 people or more.


3 cups flour (Sprouted Spelt Flour is what I used)
3 eggs
3 tbsp. Olive Oil
9 tbsp cold water

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Mix the eggs into the flour slowly and then knead for about 10 minutes.   This is quite stiff and I needed to assist the Hook a few times to keep it going but once mixed it continued to knead it real well.  You may have to adjust the water depending on flour I started with 6 tbsp. and added till I liked the consistency.  Just damp but not sticky. I left it knead for about 10 minutes. Then removed the bowl and allowed the dough to rest for 45 minutes.  This makes the dough much easier to handle.

To make the noodles separate off about 1 cup of dough and flatten slightly with your hands place over the Lasagna Roller and slowly place the edge again till it catches.  I used the dough on 6, then 5 and then 3 thickness.   Running it through each setting twice.  This resulted in a really nice smooth noodle and a thickness I like.  Once you have all the dough rolled out. remove the lasagna cutter and put on the fettuccine cutter.   One strip at a time roll through catching the strips over your rolling pin or even your arm.   As you can see I used a cloths drying rack to hang these to dry.  Dry for several hours at the least or overnight.   Enjoy fresh or place in airtight container and freeze for another time.
How to clean roller and cutters.   A trick from making noodles and perogies with my mom growing up….run a folded paper towel through the pasta maker to clean off any grease and grime that may have stick inside.  Many years later, still best method I know.

If you think the Flatbread beside the soup looks interesting, check back in a couple weeks and we will be posting the recipe right here.

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