Horse Radish

20141028_225510_resized2014-10-28 22.47.59_resizedThis is definitely not the post I thought I would be putting up here this week.  My aunt phoned this morning if they could try my meat grinder to see if it would work to grind horse radish.  This was an opportunity to try something new.  Needless to say I garnered the apron and went at it.  After many tears and gasps for fresh air I am happy to say the Ankarsrum did a great job. As you can see on the picture we did this in the garage with doors open to allow a free flow of fresh air, this is not something you want to do inside without proper air movement.

Accessories: Ankarsrum with Meat grinder and 8 mm grinding disk


  • Horse radish
  • Sugar
  • Vinegar

Clean horse radish and cut into long strips.  Slowly add to meat grinder a strip or 2 at a time.  We needed to unscrew the grinding disk and clean out inside every  4 cups or so unless extremely tender roots as larger roots were tough and would clog up.  You will know as it will not come through and juice will build up inside shoot. We ground it all twice through the same size disk as when we tried a smaller disk on second grind we found it to mushy.   Add equal parts of vinegar and sugar till the consistency you like.   We ground about a gallon pulp with no problem of the mixer getting to warm.  Only thing we needed to do as mentioned earlier was to occasionally clean out a few hard woody pieces that got stuck in the blade.  After adding the sugar and vinegar we placed 1 cup portions into ziplock bags and froze.  To use thaw in fridge and serve with your favorite meats.  Cannot wait to try with a moose roast later this week.

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