The Assistent Original Canada is growing…..


I have just returned from travelling to various locations in Canada and am happy to say it’s getting easier to find the Assistent Original near you.  What a beautiful country we live in, this job is giving me such a great opportunity to travel to locations I have only dreamed of seeing till now. From our most westerly points on Vancouver Island to Montreal we now have Assistent locations.

Qualicuim Foods on Vancouver Island is now carrying the Assistent at their stores with the Step Above Kitchen boutiques.  I have had some great conversations with  Dianna and am sure her and her staff will be able to assist you in finding the Assistent and attachments you are looking for. I know she brought in some of our great colors for you to choose from.

In Calgary and Kingston you can now find the Assistent Original in the Hendrix Restaurant Equip & Supply stores as well other Hendrix locations will be able to help though they have not got them in stock yet.   I was fortunate enough to meet many of Hendrix great staff over the last few months and know they will be able to help you with many questions and when they aren’t sure how to help you, call or email  me and I will.

If you are in any of these areas please check out the Retail stores and meet the great staffs who will assist you with the Assistent mixers.  The new stores will be located in our retail locations page shortly but for now if you are not sure how to reach them, please contact me for more information.

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