7 year warranty!

THE MIXER OF CHOICE in many European kitchens and fast becoming a favorite in Canada and all of North America.

Why an Ankarsrum?

  • Handmade and tested in Ankarsrum, Sweden.
  • They last for generations not years.
  • Simply the most desired mixer of many cooks worldwide.
  • 7 yr warranty on the base, 1 yr on accessories
  • 7 L Stainless and 3.5 L plastic bowls standard 
  • 4 mixing accessories included
  • Beats 1 eggwhite as beautifully as it mixes 5 loaves of bread 
  • Unique design means no worries of overheating
  • With a Stand Mixer of this quality you can count on endless food preparation without worries of "can it handle this".
  • 14 accessories that make this an all in one kitchen center.
  • Available in 15 colors
  • Strength, size, style and stainless steel bowl most desired qualities of a mixer are all part of the Ankarsrum
  • Motor, Diecast parts and assembly all built in same factory in Sweden

For more Information and Technical Specifications on the Stand Mixers and accessories, please check our ABOUT PAGE

7 Yr. Limited Warranty

   With an ANKARSRUM.....
       Creations are only limited to your imagination...