Challenger Bread Baker

The Challenger Bread Pan The Challenger Bread Pan was conceived and created for bakers by baker and entrepreneur Jim Challenger.

Jim’s goal: to design a pan to help you bake the best bread every time you bake. The Challenger Bread Pan’s unique design elements—a shallow base for easy dough loading; a sealed environment for ideal steam; purposefully-placed handles for easy maneuvering; and plenty of headroom for rising dough—guarantee better loaves.

With the Challenger Bread Pan, it's functionality and handle placement make dough easy to load and score. The pan’s thick, black cast iron delivers powerful radiant heat to your bakes. The cast iron absorbs and retains heat which helps your dough’s oven spring and bloom. Capturing and retaining steam is the secret to producing full-volume loaves with crackling crusts, deep, rich colors, and open scores: the lid’s tight seal ensures this precious steam doesn’t escape. Proudly crafted in the USA, the pan is made to last for generations. The pursuit of the beautiful loaf, the perfect loaf, is a never-ending quest.

After you spend hours laboring over your dough, why leave the important last step—the bake—to chance? The Challenger Bread Pan gives you the right amount of heat and steam every time you bake everything from the most basic breads to cinnamon buns and even pizza.

Challenger Breadware Jim Challenger finds support and inspiration from his local and international (Hello, #bakersofinstagram!) baking community. Jim listened to what bakers wanted—and were missing—when baking at home.

Jim bakes daily in his home-based bakery, and he and his wife, Lisa, continue to give away dozens of loaves every week, sharing their bread with the local community as well as family and friends.

Statement from Jim Challenger “The Challenger Bread Pan is truly the first bread pan on the market today that was designed by bread bakers for bread bakers to help you bake better bread in a home oven. It will absolutely revolutionize the way you bake.”

Top 3 Reasons You’ll Love Your Challenger Bread Pan®:

  1. Shallow base: loading your dough is easy.
  2. Sealed environment: creates the perfect amount of steam.
  3. Versatile: fits a wide variety of bread shapes and sizes, as well as other baked goods.