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ITEMS OUT OF STOCK as of Feb 17, 2023
Please note the new small stainless steel bowl will not be available here till our next shipment  March 2023.
  • Sunbeam Yellow
  • Harmony Beige
  • Matt Black
  • citrus press
  • grain/coffee mill attachment
  • Vegetable slicer
  • Deluxe accessory package
  • Hunter Mincer Pkg.
  • Go Green Package
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Ice cream maker attachment
  • meat mincer complete
  • bowl cover
  • beater set


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LATEST NEWSLETTER...............  Dec 15, 2022


Business First..

We are still happy to say we have a great supply of most colors of mixers we received at a for the last time we are offering a discount on them.  All orders placed Dec 26 – Jan 1 will be discounted.



All mixers:  Dealer Price- $580.00   Drop Price – 625.00  MAPP: 879.99

Orders MUST be received  here by  10:00 am your local time Jan 2nd no exceptions.  Mixers will be reserved for you in the sequence the order arrives though they may not be shipped till Jan 2nd or 3rd.  Boxing Day sale ads can begin Dec. 23rd  if you like.



And with that done... our Christmas Greeting and Holiday hours...

 Wishing everone a wonderful Chirstmas season and THANK YOU to each on of you for your support and business over the last year.  It has been a turbulous few years but as always we look to the new year with excitement and anticipation for success, happiness but most of all continued health...

Further the Christmas greeting above: .  If urgent please mark your email accordingly or they may not be looked at while away.  The warehouse may ship one day during this time if enough orders make it feasible.  If so,  you will be forwarded a tracking number in reply to any of your orders that may be filled but the invoices will first be sent out Jan 2nd or 3rd.

Health and Happiness to ALL



How to market....

Can be promoted as Bake up some treats for Halloween with recipes and photos.  You can find some great photos to use for marketing on the   (login and password are the same they are  ankarsrumresellers) if you have never logged in! They have great photos to use for this and anytime. Ankarsrum also has some great recipes to share that go with many of the photos they can be found at

Sorry for short notice on this sale but had to be sure container of new stock arrived and then news of production at 100% again was even greater news we could do this!


Other news....

  • And happy to say website information can be updated as all items in stock for shipping next week Mon.
  • Please have orders in early next week as I will be on the road Thurs, Fri and waiting for confirmation on last stop possibly not back till late Monday the 24th.  Emails will be checked regularly but shipping could be effected during these dates.


Enjoy your day.


***Olive Green (Matte finish) • 6230OG • Product number 1020 • Cost and MAPP as other mixers
***Harmony Beige (Matte Finish) • 6230HB • Product number 1021 • Cost and MAPP as other mixers
***Lasagnette Cutter • Item # 1077 • Cost 110.00 (Dropship 114.00) • MAPP 169.99

Have a wonderful day everyone.



 CONTACT US VIA EMAIL AT: is ONLY viewed by me ….so this is for confidential information such as price lists, bank information as well it is the preferred account to send for Etransfers and wire payment information. this is viewed by all staff and our technician…this is for information, warranty, inquiry on orders placed etc.  this is orders only….viewed by those filling orders only.

 Enjoy your day.


Master class

Ashely McCord, our US distributor, has help us with video material for this film, a big thank you to Ashely! In this master class video, the advantages with Ankarsrum are presented and we are showing how to bake bread with your Ankarsrum.

  • In this video we bake focaccia. Watch on youtube.
  • Target group is the end consumer. But this is also education material for everyone selling Ankarsrum. We hope to see this video at your web pages and at your retailer’s web pages. 


Interesting articles Ankarsrum

Visibility is important!

Please find some success articles that the PR agent in US has succeeds to establish:

This is great and create interest and sales!



Information for Ankarsrum Assistent Original Mixer

  • Our mixers are sold on the 4 S’s…. strength, size, stainless steel and style
  • Each mixer is hand built in Sweden by skilled craftsmen as it was since 1940
  • Forrest Green is matte finish
  • All others are with a smooth finish
  • Large size non-commercial mixer
  • 7 L stainless steel bowl and 3.5 L plastic bowl plus 4 mixing attachments are standard with all machines
  • 7 yr warranty on base and 1 yr. on all accessories (under normal usage)
  • The design of having the motor in the base instead of top means very little vibration and lots of stability for the motor compared to brands with the motor above.
  • Only 1 belt in the machine all attachments but the Blender are operated with a worm gear for smooth operation and extreme power. Blender is driven direct from motor
  • Though it has 600 watts rarely used more than 250 watts due to intelligent design. Which means enough power to do even the toughest dough without concern about powering out or needing to cool off in the middle of a batch of mixing.
  • Components for the mixer are mainly sourced from Sweden
  • All warranty work is done at distribution center in Saskatchewan unless other arrangements have been made
  • Why buy an Ankarsrum mixer? The only mixer you never have to worry can it handle the load. Pretty much if it fits it will mix it.
  • All accessories are designed to fit all mixers old and new
  • Our distribution center is there for Dealer and Customer inquiries. All questions are answered promptly and if we don’t know the answer we contact our manufacturer till we get an answer you are satisfied with.
  • Many videos available through our website or online
  • The Ankarsrum is mainly designed for home use but they are a favorite with bakeries and small businesses alike
  • Often receive comments on the ease of adding ingredients and checking your batters
  • Cleanup is a snap.
  • Popular in Europe for decades but now available worldwide
  • With the variety of attachments available including Blender, Citrus Press, Vegetable Grater, Grain Mill, Grain Flaker, Meat Grinder, Pasta attachments, Cookie Press and Fruit Strainer are some.
  • More than a mixer for large batches you can as easily make a beautiful batch of cookies using 4 or less cups of flour as you can delicious homemade bread in batches with 20 cups of flour.
  • By having 2 sizes of bowls standard the choice of 1 egg whipped into meringue or dough into 8 loaves of bread the Ankarsrum is designed to do both equally as well as the other.
  • Attached scraper ensures continual stirring of all contents with no “dead zone” at the bottom of the bowl